I’m not much of an IT savvy, which explains why it took me awhile to realise that I should download the WordPress apps to my phone. Well, since I got into that, perhaps it’s perfectly fine for me to share what apps i have on my first page of phone 😘


From left to right, top to bottom – here we go.

I hardly make folders for my apps as I love to have it spread out. Simply so that I know what I have and to makesure I don’t have junkies. Well, anyway first stop is what I called the Essential Folder. There I got my alarms calender, Hubsy shift pattern calender (very important), settings and the music tab. I often access to my music folder but still, I think it’s much safer in a folder. Hikhokhik

Next, we have the iPhonography folder. Which explains to why it is placed besides the gallery and camera. I make use 90% of the phone snapping, editing and posting pictures. In short words, I love taking memories. One of my favourite editing tool will be ColorVu. There isn’t much function there, which makes it so simple and easy to use (: few tabs n wahlah I got a new whole pic to show off. “Over” is perfect too. Okay, there’s two favourites now. Moving on!

Next line, I have this app “Appsgonefree” They do showcase pretty interesting apps at times – and that’s where I got some of my everyday-use apps. Next two are the normal two. Nothing much to talk about. Ouh, the forth one in the row is my favourite – the Note’d. It’s like a notepad, but just that it comes in different folders and cute covers to differentiate each folder. I love taking down notes. I used to carry around my notebook (which I still do) and this app works perfectly fine for me. Good job!

Next line, we have Capture. Guess the name explains, it captures video and post it at Facebook. I ve been wanting to do a vlog – or I should say I enjoy seeing others doing on but I just don’t find the time for it. So I settle with wordpress for the time being (: Then I got the YouTube app, very important. My companion thruout my journey to and fro work. Ouh and u realise I have two surfing tab – google and windows chrome. Uhhoo u guess it right – I hate waiting so usually I’ll use two of these app to surf. Hohoho!

Next line, I have WordPress, Facebook, Instagram and Cozi. I post most of edited pictures in instagram and I keeping my facebook account for friend sake. Ouh, but I need to talk about Cozi! It’s the perfect apps for mummy like me. Like I mentioned earlier, I usually bring along a notebook with me to store my listing n such. With Note’d and Cozi, I can simply list down everything now I’m more orderly manner n I just love the surface. It’s colourful, user friendly and this is one of must-have apps for mummy to get their life organise (at least)

That’s it!

For now.