the 20 weeks story.

The belly is starting to look pretty official these days; it seemed like it happened overnight! You may want to pass on this post… or maybe not… I know it doesn’t have much to do with the usual content here, but regardless, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on these past twenty weeks and show a little side profile action.

Stop comparing. Comparison during pregnancy, and I am guessing as a mother, is my worst enemy. Is my belly too big compared to others at this stage? Is her down dog or triangle pose better than mine? Ugh. It’s so easy to fall into, and I have to remind myself, my body is mine, not hers or hers or hers. It is doing what it is supposed to do; what it was created to do… and it is a beautiful thing regardless of whether I am feeling “beautiful” at that moment.

Be present. During my first trimester, im lucky not to experience what preggy usually do – nauseous all the time, throwing up daily— that i do hear myself saying “the next time I’m pregnant, I want to be really sick, so it is clear that my body and hormones are working correctly.” Now that I’ve past the first trimester, I can start to appreciate the little moments… both good and bad. I am so thankful to be pregnant. And so thankful that so far Mini Stets looks to be a healthy little nugget. (Although, at this stage, he is looking mostly like a Skeletor/alien in ultrasounds!)

Everyone is willing to share—and is very opinionated. About what gender the baby will be. About the names we are considering. About the best solutions for morning sickness. About their favorite stroller. On natural vs. epidural vs. cesarean section childbirth. Sheesh! As overwhelming as many of the conversations can be, I am so appreciative of them. I am in the dark on many of these issues and these discussions show me that there are so many options—so many different “right” ways of doing things. I value the education.

Nesting is for real. I guess I never really thought the “nesting” stage was real… or just never paid close enough attention to notice it in friends’ pregnancies, but wow, ya, I’m nesting. Big time. Our apartment is turned upside down at the moment—projects in every room. Every space in the house is making way for the nursery. My mother is calling me a Tornado. It’s got to get worse before it gets better, right?!

Stop worrying. What I could control, I was/am. Prenatal vitamins. Check. Getting enough sleep. Check. Eating small portions regularly and often. Check. Errr.. I try. However, any sign of cramping or an unusual symptom, all trust went out the window. I kept coming back to a well-known scripture, that reminded me that Mini Stets was being made just as he should… and knowing, I’ll love him no matter what!

Counting days before I meet you again ❤

the 20 weeks story.

Pregnant @ 16 weeks

I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and I’m experiencing mixed symptoms which makes it difficult to predict the gender of the baby.

1) I’ve been craving for bird nest drink the past few weeks. I finally got mine – from a can and it taste awesome. And not to mention my cravings for sweetness treats! I was never a sweet tooth, and I don’t really fancy chocolate before this. But lately it’s a must to have some sugar in my daily intake.
Must Must Must!

2) So far it has been good for me (:
No morning sickness.
No heartburn. Yet.
No nausea feeling.

Great appetite.
Great fasting days.
Great night sleep.

3) I’m getting alittle impatient these few days. And my tolerance level is very low. Very. I snapped at the simplest thing, and forget abt it the next moment. Many say its not healthy for the baby – blahblahblahblah. But those tots only come after I react upon a situation. Huh, Kinda too late to regret by then. I don’t have short temper, I just have quicker reaction to nonsense.

My next check up will be on 20 August 2013. Can’t wait to see my baby ~ till den, muaks!


Pregnant @ 16 weeks