Iftar with loves

Today we had our first Iftar outing as a family (:




We had our dinner at Sakuntalas. The fish head curry is simply awweeeesoommme! Mom still trying to figure out the recipe, after she found slices of lemons in the gravy. That’s where the sour taste comes from. Amazing.


IMG_8052 IMG_8054

There’s something unexplainable about Indian cruisine ; esp the veges. Like this one here. I don’t know what issit. First guess – bittergoud. Nah, but it’s not bitter. Cucumber? But it’s soft. Prickle? Ewww, doesn’t taste like one. Nvm, it taste nice. That’s all matters.


As for starter, we received this complimentary porridge which looks pretty oily n ewww but it taste……different. I mean, nice (: yummeehh! Or prolly that’s the first ate and I was hungry so yeah. Hehehe!


While we’re all enjoying our food, big boy insist with his snackers. Uh, but what’s that?

Iftar with loves