Where’s my baby girl gone to? 

 You’re 2 years old today, or 730days old to be more exact and subhan’Allah, watching you grow is everything. I look you at and I saw my past, present and future. It seems like only yesterday I woke your daddy in the middle of the night to rush me to the hospital. Alhamdulilah, it was only 20mins of strong labor and masyaAllah I had you in my arms after one strong push. You weren’t the healthiest baby, but Alhamdulilah as you grow, ur health picks up and look at you now! You weigh a healthy twenty kilo and eating is your passion i have to say. You enjoy eating and LOVE LOVE LOVE your fruits and vegs. We have to hide away those tomatoes, blueberries, bananas and carrots before its all gone 😅

You enjoy playing dress up and my make up kit is your favourite toy. You love to snatch whatever in your Brother possessed and that cry when your Brother doesn’t want to give it.😏 call me a saddist but I enjoy seeing you guys in argument cos moments like that will fade away as you guys grow.  You not much of an outdoor person but I enjoy seeing you running across the field and to come back seconds later and asked to be carried “Hug Hug Hug”. You pretty much scared of everything “Taqoot”, and particularly ants. You hate your strollers, and prefer walking around the mall like a big Sister. But that doesn’t last long and we ended up carrying you around. Dang.

I see that beautiful smile on your face and  knowing in that moment the pride of being a parent. No matter how old your are, you will always be my baby girl. I am so proud of you and I will love you with all I am for all eternity.

Love you,


Where’s my baby girl gone to? 


Hello 2016!

MasyaAllah, glory to Allah. 2015 has gone by in a breezee. Okay, I cannot say it’s that easy kinda breeze- I mean, what’s life without up and downs,eh?

But Alhamdulilah its been a year. My dear Luth has made tremendous changes over the year and with the arrival of baby Aura, he seems so big and independent now. Qeisya is hitting her 2year old mark soon and now starting to show what typically two year olds capable of doing. U know what I mean – that terrible two stage, gawd! And yes, my dear Aura – my new love and I called her my sleeping beauty cos she literally sleeps 23hours a day and wake up in between only for feeds. Alhamdulilah, yes she’s that easy to manage.

2015 has been a year for us as we welcome the new arrival of the family in the later part of the year and got us the whole year preparing for this little one. Alhamdulilah we had our kitchen done (like finally!) and we roped in a helper to help us with the daily chores. She’s been a great help and support for the family, All praise to Allah.

2016 will be slightly different. So here’s the plan : Luth will be attending a full day therapy at the EIPIC center nearby my place and we’re hoping to get a placement in the nearby childcare for Qeisya. Yes, due to health issue we withdraw her from the infant care so now that she’s much bigger we’re hoping that her body is of better health to be in the day care, inshaAllah. As for Luth, the placement won’t be immediate (we have to wait atleast 6 months for it which seems to be forever) so he’ll stay home and rot for now. Reason why he doesn’t continue his stay at his current daycare is because : 1) Journey. I can’t possible have him attending childcare in the morning and rushed back to Woodlands for his therapy. 2) Full day therapy. Not sure if they have a full day therapy sessions but Im hoping for the longest sessions they able to provide. The longer is, the better it ll be. I feel he needs an intensive therapy that works on his self help skill, social and play wise. I’ll leave it to them – the experts. 😏 well, that’s the plan for the kids. Dah dah dah.. I can go on nonstop about it. About myself.. Hmmm.. That’s what we call resolution eh?

To be honest, I don’t prepare any resolutions. Infact, I don’t even thought about it. Just because it’s the new year therefore I have to change my lifestyle, mindset and all to become a totally “new person”? Changes can take place anytime. As Long as we’re mentally ready for it, why not? It doesn’t have to wait for the strike of 12 right? Cos it’s all about making things happen rather than just listing down fanciful wishes that go down the drain in a couple of months or so. Get what I mean? All my past year resolutions fades off and vanish by March so I don’t see any point of me thinking of what to change/improve for 2016. Well of cos, it’s best to have life goals but…resolutions? Nah not necessary. *in my opinion*

But hey, since majority out there have their resolutions all prepared, I’m going to get myself inspired and see what are the changes I can make to have a better me. Prolly a healthier lifestyle? We’ll see. 😏

Hello, 2016.