On new year eve.

Okay, it’s new year eve.

Here I am – browsing thrue my Insta and liking almost every picture I slide through. Why do I even liked that picture of her husband ? Nvm. 

Just done feeding Aura and Luth is finally asleep. Thou Luth is able to sleep on his own now, I will still stay up and ensure that he’s comfortably asleep before I doze off. At times, I find myself patting him (which I should stop doing so, eiks!) heck, he’s still my baby boy. 

Anyway time check : it’s 11.50pm. Ten more minutes before the clock strikes 12. I’ll prolly just wait and continue stalking people in insta. 

Eh, it’s already 12! Happy New Year!!! Fine, hubby asleep. Kiddos tugged in bed and what now?

Okay, lights off. 

On new year eve.

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