It’s been about a year since my last post and dang, where have I been? Tick tick tick. Anyway, here’s a quick update on what we been up to for the past 12 months. Ready? 

Luth in new school

 Alhamdulilah, Little Man is now comfortably settled in his new school, Brighton Montessori. In fact it only takes him a week to adapt to the new environment and the whole childcare setting. Of cos as parents, you worried about the unnecessary : Is my child able to enjoy school? Will he able to mix around and follow the fast pace environment? Will he wail for me from the time I dropped him till I fetched him at 6? Will the Teachers able to understand his needs and unpredictable tantrums? We fortunate enough to have Teacher Doreen as his teacher. One who is sooo calm in any given situation and never fail to celebrate Luth’s every achievement; be it small or big. Being a teacher myself, I know how tough it is to fulfil the children’s needs and to get them occupied for the next 10hours in school. And it’s simply amazing to see how much Luth enjoys being with her as she always find ways to keep him engaged and occupied him in all sort of creative ways. It’s been 10months now, and I’ve witnessed a vast improvement in Luth. All thanks to his teacher, Teacher Doreen. (Okay, I ll stop here. It’s getting too emotional, sobsob) 

Qeisya, the SAHM (stay at home Makcik) 

Due to health and allergy issue, we decided to withdraw her from infant care and is now officially a stay-at-home-makcik. I think it’s best she stays home as for now. As what Mom always nagged “Budak tu kecik lagi nak pergi skola Ayu. Kan da sakit” Translation : “That kid is too young for school Ayu. See, now she’s sick” 

Okay fine, she win. Now that I’m on leave already, she’s my morning nightmare.

New house, eh?   
Not us.

It’s Mom and dad. They finally got a house few blocks away from ours and moved in some time in mid May. It’s just a walking distance, so it’s easier for us to pop by as and when we’re free. Hahahaa which we had almost every weekend. Annoying eh? 

Preggie again!   And yes, baby 3 is coming really soon! I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and InsyaAllah due on 7th November. I can’t wait for the kiddos to meet their baby sister. 

A helper  

With the new addition coming this November, we have finally decide to get a helper to assist around the house and most importantly to take care of Qeisya and Baby3 when we’re out to work. Alhamdulilah, she’s been a great help and we’re thankful to have her during this crucial time when I often falling sick and I’m always tired. We got ourselves a good one and we consider ourselves lucky in that sense. I’m not putting my expectations too high. As long as things are in place and kids are well taken care of, I’m blessed. Other than that, I leave it to God to decide. 

Alright, guess that’s all for this time around. Now that I’m on my leave, I will try to squeeze some time to update this blog as and when. 
Till den, ❤️


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