Sick. And it’s not good.

I’m a hot mess today.
Cough. Sneeze. Cough, cough, cough. Sneeze.
This is the pattern I’ve been repeating.
A lot.
All while trying not to pee my pants.
Too much information?
Anywho, since I’m having trouble concentrating on anything due to the
heavy dose of cold medicine I’m taking, I’ve been wandering around the net.
For nothing.

I am very much looking forward to decorating the classroom. Teacher Rosey came out with the theme “transportation” and i already have a rough plan how the turn out to be. I’m thinking of road signages, tracks around the class and of cos cars. Motorcycle.Hot air balloon. More cars. Train. Okay where was I? Prolly it is just me but I’m damn excited about it that I stayed up pretty late last night googling for ideas despite being sick. Ahhhchoooom. Speaking of which, I better get some rest. I don’t want to fall sick on Monday 😓
Talk again soon. I hope.

Sick. And it’s not good.

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