Sick Baby

Today is one of those days when I’m feeling super draggy and redundant. I was up pretty early this morning – got my lunch packed (leftover pizzas), ironed my top, popped in my vitamins, got my morning doze of coffee….but I can’t bring myself to get ready! So I decided to skip class today *evil laugh*
And of cos, I took advantage of the private time to catch up on the house work (what’s new for a mommy?)
Change all bed sheet
Vacuum the house
Steam clean the house
Sanitise and sort out the toys (which is all over the playroom)
Iron the clothings – this is weird but I prefer the kiddo’s outfit ironed n that just gets alittle overwhelming at times but yah.. It’s just my preference.
Do the laundry.
Have a good cup of coffee.

As much as I want to catch up on my sleep, I can’t afford to do so. Cos its just too precious! Things are pretty different these days. Bcos of the back to back assignments n projects n stuffs, i make use every time I have to get things done.
I manage to have a (good) kick start for Nisa’s assignment. Got my floorplan all planned up, and nice to go (: I was doing my work at the living room all along when suddenly it gets alittle humid so I tot, well maybe turning on the aircon n snuggle in bed with lappy will be good. (U know those self talk I made to myself? This is one example of it) And yah…. I shifted to my bedroom (without saving my work) and I shall leave u to guess what happen next. Cos it’s just too heartbreaking to talk abt it. 😢

It’s crazy for me to blame on my iMac cos I know she’s “sick” and there’s nothing much she can do abt it. I think it’s about time I bring her to the clinic and get her batt fix. 😓 But I heard it’s not that cheap and I might as well get a new lappy in any case. But heck, I need a lappy. So worst come to worst I’ll get myself a new iMac. It’s time for baby to get change.

Sick Baby

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