LittleFeet Wednesday : #FMSPhotoADay

I know this totally not related to the kiddos in any way, BUT the date fell coincidently on Wednesday and so what can I say (:

It’s now the end of April and very soon (which is tomorrow 😝) we’ll be welcoming the month of May (yeahh!). So here we are in a new month with new sets of hope, goal and dream. It’s seems like a cliche cos I find myself keep repeating that when it’s the beginning of a new year, new month, new week, new events – just anything new. Hahhaa, but I always find myself saying that I can do something different, try out a new diet – this and that. The list can go on n on with no ending cos there’s never a start for it. So, for this month, I wanna try out something new.

As u guys are aware, I’m halfway thrue my #30daysquoteinaday mission. It’s just so crazily fun and simple like OhMaiGawd. But after awhile it gets alittle boring thou. Hikhokhik. This time around it’ll be different.


It is called #FMSPhotoaday! I was browsing through the net when I bump into these. Pretty cool isn’t it? I like the idea of having a specific “task” to do on a particular day and work around it. It’s much better thaN having something too vivid (that explains the number of empty entries for my monthly schedule! 😂) Ouh anw, it comes different months to work on. But let’s not be too ambitious and see how things work out for this May.

Be sure to check me out ((:

PS : I don’t think I should overcrowd my insta so therefore this space will be filled with cool pics soon!

LittleFeet Wednesday : #FMSPhotoADay

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