WhatsUpMonday : Happy Birthday Kazim!

The joy of having kids is that finally birthday start to make sense again. Not that I don’t enjoy birthdays all these while – I do. But having those tiny ones around the cake and to sing that birthday song revive back the sweet childhood memories.

Last weekend, we partied at Kak Nor’s crib for Kazim’s 1st birthday party! That chunk is one adorable cubby fella! And that’s how fast time past! He’s one and my last Qeisya came dressing up as Minnie Mouse and eqmal couldn’t get to come in pair with Qeisya cos Lil Kazim dressed himself as a cute Mickey! Charming to certain angle yeah πŸ˜„
As usuals, there’s food, goodie bags, games. Eqmal was trying hard to catch up with the games but guess it doesn’t work for his age just yet. Qeisya became the center of attraction. Thank god I got her that knitted piece. She looked super adorable in it.
We didn’t stayed too long cos Lil Man got a little cranky soon after. But we sure had a blast.
Once again, happy birthday lil boy 😘





WhatsUpMonday : Happy Birthday Kazim!

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