Good Ol’Freeday : hijab pins

Allow me to start off this entry by “IM OBSESSED WITH HIJAB PINS” especially the bow ones.

I used to question to why do people have a dozen of the hijab pins when the need at most two each time? Hikhokhik, guess I can’t explain myself that either when now I am on my wayyyy to get alittle crazy as them ❤️



Isn’t it the cutest?! To have Elmo, HelloKitty and Mario with me on my scarf? Oh not mentioning the M&Ms!! It makes me feel like a walking cupcake n I love it.





Urgh! Here’s my bow collection (as of now cos I’m still waiting for a few to come).

Maybe we share the same obsession? Or rather, what obsession are you currently into?
I’ve shared you mine (:

Good Ol’Freeday : hijab pins

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