WhatsUpMonday : Science Centre

Whenever I think of science center, it will bring me back in my school days where almost each semester we would go to science center for class visit. And those days where I would forge my dad’s signature for the consent form cos I forgotten to get him signed the day before. Well, there’s another story altogether.

So now that I’m a mother, it’s my “responsibility” to impart the same childhood memory to my kids. Doubt he’ll appreciate much but I’m putting him ahead of his peers. Well, who noes when it is his turn to be going for class visit, he’ll then lead his class. Hikhokhik classic example of kiasuism. So here we are – we had our trip to the Science Center! (Yeah!)


First stop, we dropped by Snow City to check out what’s inside. It’s my first time, and I’m not very much pleased with it. Lil man don’t seems to enjoy himself either cos it’s just too cold for him n he (first of all) was agitated for having to wear those boots, jackets n hand gloves. Hubsy paid quite a sum, but nvm. For experience sake.

Den only after that, we walked over to Science Centre. Amazing! Not only lil’man, I was amazed by the exhibitions too. I’m not going to dwell on each and every exhibits there. Layan gambar pls!

“My mathematician at work” – Instagram
He was very facinated with the number pyramid that we had to spend 10 mind waiting for him to complete his “puzzle”.



Very much obsessed with gears.



I was too. Period.



Story on pure fascination of mother and son




Simplicity that attracts little man.


And eqmal ended his day with a dono ride with Baba at Westgate Mall.


WhatsUpMonday : Science Centre

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