WhatsUpMonday : Friends

Im blessed to note that wherever I go, I bound to meet amazing people along the way. They become part of my life and it doesn’t matter how young or innocent they are. Cos at the end of the day, our laughter that matters.

To be honest, my days in NLB was a dragged. The hours were long and shifts were just crazy. I used to hate counting the number of days before my next off day cos it would be 7 or 8 more days to go. But what kept me going was my dear friend Nurul Athirah.



Still remember her favourite phase, “Go je babe. Yolo” Hikhokhik, not mentioning the hormones talk and all. She’s much younger than me but we have the same frequency for almost everything. I love bags, she adore it. I love Hello Kitty, she come to agree with it. I love white and gold, she thinks its pretty too.
Back then, it was all about us. We hate almost everyone and we love only us. Self centered? I know, and yet never we judge each other. Cos we love each other more than our flaws. Now when I looked back, I missed doing my shifts with her. I missed those days we had breakfast on top of the empty boxes and don’t bother about the time. I missed those senseless talks we had at the counter and laugh at ourselves for being stupid. Urgh, dang I missed her.


And now, I meet two adorable soul – Irnifa and Farhani. They are the two amazing people I ever meet. Hate to say this but they are much much younger that I am too. Hahaa, prolly it’s just me but I’m so much comfortable with people younger than me. Or I should say, we blend. Hehehe. Anw Nifa is one innocent young lady. She says the most darnest thing and she makes all so cute and funny. She thinks she’s fat. Maybe cos she mirror herself with Hani. Farhani is one petite young lady. She’s down to earth, equally crazy as me and loud. She’s full of crazy thoughts and life experience. We known each other for only a month and yet it’s as if we’re together for ages. We talked almost about everything under the sun and we never have enough of each other.

But of course, I have to admit my life is meaningless without my dear bestfriend Zarina. Twenty years from now, i gonna look back and remembered that she’s that one person who can turn every frown with a smile with a few simple words. She’s that person who lift my head when I was losing faith in myself, that one person who never lied and never I lied to. She’s that one person who accepts every decision I make, that one person who know who I am.. that person that make a huge difference in my life.

But to all, thank you for coming to my life.

WhatsUpMonday : Friends

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