WhatsUpMonday : Modesty

Never I see myself as a perfect individual. I have my flaws and I acknowledge it. There are times when I don’t like what I see in the mirror, but being humans, we are never enough of what we have. It’s a clichè when one keep thanking GOD for the flaws. They prolly say thank you in one, and curse about their tummy on the other. Typical.

Now at 28, I see myself looking at the details in life – details once I saw as perfection. I used to have it all wrong. It question me often – could age be the factor? I mean, there’s sure a point in life when u’re egocentric. U believe that the world evolve around you. U don’t seems to bother how people will judge you. You don’t understand the meaning of dignity, respect, self modesty but yet u demand for one.


Modesty. I believe how we dress reflect who we are and how we want to be respected. It question me when one demand to be respected but then dressing up to the minimum. I have to admit I used to think dressing up the least is define as sexy but now I begin to see it as inappropriate. Somehow it struck me what they prolly thinking when they choose to where such clothings? I’m able to make sense on most things in life but this – I don’t.

I find myself repeating on the same word over again. That because I’m confuse. Very much. Prolly my ageing mind is taking over how I see things in life. Now that I learn to be more accepting in life, I am confuse by most of it.



WhatsUpMonday : Modesty

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