Little Feet : WallArt

I’ve done much online shopping recently and personally I find it much better with the fact that i will have to deal with two energetic kids and a grumpy hubby when out shopping. Cant find the right word, prolly “Guilty” I guess? I don’t know.
Anyway from headbands to books, from socks to mobile case – I relied on the net for a good buy. I spend hours each day – and of cos with baby Qeisya on the other hand – to look for interesting findings and good deal. I’ll talk more on the webpages I often go to on my next post cos for now I can’t wait to reveal my recent buy.
Best buy. Best recent buy. Bestest to all buy.
Okay stop.


It’s a wall art!! *trumpet*
This is, by far (and I’m not kidding you) my best purchase ever! Im super excited about this and been waiting whole week for it. Gawd, it worth my wait (:

These gorgeous wall art are from Personalised Design & Print SG. Do check out their FB page link here.

You can design and personalise on almost everything. Notebook, planners, wall art, poster, sticker labels and even invitation cards! There are many options for us to choose from – design concept, color scheme and the overall layout of the poster. Here how it works.


I literally went alittle crazy planning for the posters. I wanna make sure it looks fun for the kids room and that I picked out the best text and pictures for it. Guess the fickle me took over everything.




We’re in the midst of revamping the kiddo’s playroom. Once it’s ready, these fellas will the first one to be hang. Will share the look of the room once it’s up. So, keep a look out!

Little Feet : WallArt

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