WhatsUpMonday : Here we go again…


Course : Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching

Venue : Lifelong Learning Institute

Today marked the start of my career. A whole new career. Its a career switch and here i am doing something I’ve been wanting – as an educator (: its not as easy as it seems cos right now i’m back to school cracking my head for the next 18 months before i’ll be qualified as one. It seems impossible to juggle but I’m sure it’ll be very interesting to learn about something close to me – the kids. I’m given a clear overview of what i’ll be learning. It’s more that I tot of. I mean, it isnt about child development only. Its about learning how they play, how can we reach them and to understand them better. And yes, thats my main reason here.

I want to be the voice for my kids.
I want to be able to connect to them.
I want to make believe that my kids are special and unique.

Eqmal – he’s having speech delay. they say he might have mild autism. they say he’s hyper active. They say he’s an (ADHD) child. They say he’s a temperamental kid. They says he’s sturborn. They say he don’t listen to instruction. They say he’s prolly deaf. But why..? Why are people judging my son..? Why are they being unfair?

I believe Eqmal is capable of giving more. He has the abilities and talent. He is unique as his own. And im determined to unfold the real him – something i can be proud of.


Hang on baby boy, this world isn’t that bad after all. We’ll walk through together.
Ummi loves u dearly.

WhatsUpMonday : Here we go again…

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