Good Ol’Freeday : Mommy’s Beauty Regime


If there’s one thing moms are short on, it’s time. Most days, I have 15 minutes to get myself out of the door and a good 5 minutes to get my face done. Which I mastered the technique of putting on eyeliner with a kid on one hand and one hanging on to my leg. 

1. Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise

Cleanse My beauty regime starts from cleansing my face. I personally feel it’s important to get rid of all those overnight residue before layering the face with other essentials. I’m using Nivea’s Aqua Sensation moisturizing cleansing foam. It has been my #1 choice over the years as it doesn’t leave my skin tight after each wash and plus, it’s affordable. 
Tone Toning is a step that I guitly missed at times thou I clearly aware of it’s benefits. Hihihi, it’s like a multi vitamin in a world of skincare where it brighten up the skin and gives an extra dose of what it needs. For that, I’m using Aveeno’s Positively Radiant™ toner to compliment my moisturizer. 
Moisturize I have a dry skin therefore a moisturizer is a must. Aveeno’s Positively Radiant™ daily moisturiser with SPF15 has been doing great for me. It absorbs quickly and keeps my skin supple throughout the day.
Total time : 2 minutes

2. Miss good concealer

They say – Nothing says “mommy” more than dark circles under my eyes. A good concealer to cover those bags is a must must must to fake my way to a rested look. No one but me and my baby needs to know I were up all night long. I owe my life to Maybelline’s pure cover mineral. It comes in one shade which suits perfectly for my skin tone. Thank God.
Total time : Half a minute

3. Puff up

I choose Revlon PhotoReady pressed powder for the dewy natural look. It gives a soft, luminous finish and I don’t need to apply any foundation underneath to have that extra “oomph”. 
Total time : One minute

4. Eyeliner and mascara

Now that the canvas is well set, I’ll then work on my eyes. A nice swipe of eyeliner and a good coat of mascara are all I need to give that illusion of bright eyes ; a big helper to tired mom like me. For eyeliner, I’ve been using BodyShop’s liquid eyeliner for years now and as for mascara, Maybelline Rocket mascara is my recent great find. It curls up my eye lashes perfectly, not clampy and most importantly, waterproof.
Total time : One minute (or so)

5. Perfecting the pout

I have the whole range of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain to keep my lips pretty. It’s a quick way to brighten my whole face without a ton of effort.
Total time : Half a minute

Well, there are still times when I just don’t have time for anything. And in those cases, a great pair of big, black sunglasses are a mommy’s best friend.


Good Ol’Freeday : Mommy’s Beauty Regime

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