WhatsUpMonday : BabyShower.

23 February 2014 – that’s another date to remember. We had Qeisya’s baby shower and it was a blast.
It was my first time organising such event n I’m equally excited and nervous of any glitches that might pop out along the way. But alhamdulilah things turn out to be wayyy much much much better that I expected and I can’t thank my aunties n parents enough for the great effort put in. This whole event is not possible without u guys (sobbies*)

We had the marhaban in the morning, and the crowd start oozing at mid day. All food was deliciously prepared by my aunties – Nani & BibikMas. Simply finger licking gooooood and alhamdulilah there isn’t much left after the whole event. Thats how delis it is πŸ™ˆ I’m flattered to see many who came – from far and near. The event stretched up till 9pm and all clean up was left undone till the next morning. Hihuhii i was just too tired to stand on my feet. I didn’t manage to catch much pics cos I’m practically busy running around entertaining my guests. Well, I’m a host! Have yet to ask my father in law or anyone for pictures but I’ll sure upload it if that’s any πŸ“·

To all, thank you for sharing our joy and for all the cute gifts n well wishes.
Overall it was indeed a blessful day for us and especially for dear Qeisya Qaisara.




WhatsUpMonday : BabyShower.

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