Good Ol’Freeday : ShowerBits

Make Up Remover
Hands up if u’re with me – I hate make up remover. Its all greasy and makes cleaning a lot much harder. So I opt to just cleanse my face daily with the good old facial cleanser. Not till I found this – the Sephora 2in1 waterproof eye make remover gel.


When I mentioned this, imagine a light shining down on it šŸ˜‡ cos this product is a kadabooomm! āš”ļø (Just another way to describe how gooood it is, shrug)
This product is made perfect for me. My make up regime isn’t any fancy. Just a simple eye liners and lipsticks. I do not splattered any foundation on my whole face therefore all I need a good eye/lips makeup remover for the waterproof stain.
This water based product does wonder. It doesn’t leave any greasy feeling on my face and it work it’s magic with just one swipe. I’m freaking in love with this. Period.
Go get urs at any Sephora store islandwide. Bet u gonna love it as much as I do ((:

Body Lotion
I came across this product several time at ad everywhere n I know I have to get it. It’s the Nivea new After Shower Body Lotion.

It comes in normal skin and normal/dry combo. I opt for the normal skin, and this product is magic. It’s lightweight, not greasy (hehee, I hate greasy stuffs. Take note) and leave my skin silky smooth after wash. Bought this a week ago and used up almost half of the bottle. Soon I’ll be heading down to my nearest department store to grab a bottle of the other type – for dry skin. I forgot how much does it cost, but it’s worth it šŸ˜Š

Good Ol’Freeday : ShowerBits

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