Little Feet : My essentials.

Handling a toddler can be quite messy and having two – a toddler and a baby can be pretty handful. Here’s my essentials that help to ease the trip – by a little atleast.

1) Stroller.
(or strollers for my case)
As eqmal is still in need of afternoon naps, stroller is a must for him as well. And of cos, to safe guard him from running wild and free! For those who have toddlers will agree with me that kids running loose in a mall is no fun. Therefore, we have two strollers out the door – Quinny Zapp frame with the maxi cozi for Qeisya and maclaren or bugaboo for Eqmal (depending on how long we need to be outside). It’s a hassle to be pushing two – I agree n we are looking around for a double to suit our family’s routine and hopefully we’ll find one real soon.


And this is what happened when we forgotten 😓

2) Entertainment
Titbits, crackers, gadgets, plastic cups, toys etc. Anything to keep them occupied. All these will take up 70% of my bag storage.


3) That bag
Speaking of which, I need a huge spacious lightweight bag. As for now I’ve been carrying my MK large Selma tote and I’m not complaining. Prolly I should get a diaper bag, but meh it works the same and plus I don’t want anything that looks like a diaper bag – if u know what I mean 🙈


4) Extras. Extras. Extras.
Cos u never know what could happen to a toddler and a baby. Spill up, dirt stains, poopays – it’s a messy affair. Therefore it’s very very important for me to equip myself with the extRas of everything – from diapers to clothing. And even milk bottle 💢

5) Good supply of tissues and wet wipes
These will sure come in handy when ure handling a toddler who practically touch everything to count. Eqmal is currently obsessed with counting and shapes. And colors. And alphabet. Okay fine, everything. I choose Pigeon baby wipes to do the duty. Not only it stays moist for the longest time, its thick enough and doesn’t break easily. It’s a go-go must have! And plus it’s scent less, makes it perfect for my dear baby girl who has sensitive skin.

All these are just my essentials while travelling with two. So what’s yours?

Little Feet : My essentials.

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