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If you were to read my last post, u’ll prolly guess it right. Yes, it’s the first WhatsUpMonday! I’m not putting myself much pressure into this whole blogging thing. Infact, it should be fun so I’m easing back into things with a simple “50 Random Facts About Me”.  An exercise in self-love and vanity. 


1. My name is Siti Nurhidayu Ismail, and I named myself “ayumiemarshies” in the digital world.

2. I been with my husband for only months before we got married and I’ve never loved anyone more.

3. I’m blessed with a little man, Luth Eqmal and beautiful daughter, Qeisya Qaisara.

4. As much as i love being a Librarian, I on my way of becoming a teacher.
It’s like living my childhood dream.

5. I’m not a sweet tooth, and my favourite ice cream flavor will be mint.

6. I’m a Cancerian, born on 30 June 1986. And I never counted my age.

7. I’m currently obsessed with grey and mint. 

8. My favorite icon will be the Owl but slowly been loving the cupcakes for no reason.

9. I have a lot more bags than shoes. A lot more tops than bottoms. Don’t ask me why.

10. I honeymooned in Bangkok, of all places. 

11. I’ve only recently become semi-comfortable with my inner freak.  Older age is suiting me.

12. Any food channel will glued me to the television.

13. I was a company leader of my Girl Guide platoon at school.

14. I on a saving mission to revamp my whole house.

15. I have yet to conquer my massive fear of butterflies. Creepy just by the thought of it.

16. My favourite thing on a menu is usually pasta.

17. I’ve been blogging in some shape or form since 1999. Anyone remember blogspot? I used to have several accounts of that – those were the days.

18. I build beautiful houses on The Sims but never “live” in them.

19. MomDad will soon move out to get a place of their own and I know I’ll miss them crazy.  

20. Im wearing CK street shock and my best VS scent will definitely be Pure Daydream.

21. I hate answering phone calls.

22. Im a coffee addict. 

23. I’m not a fashion guru, but I’m bold when it comes to it.

24. The OCD part of me loves routine. 

25. I hate meeting new people. 

26. Barbie was not my childhood hero. I used to go crazy over Polly Pockets.

27. I’m sucks at D-I-Y.

28. I was not a morning person until I have my kids.

29.  I’m comfortable in flip flops and never in heels.

30. I didn’t attend my graduation, I still don’t regret missing it. 

31. I adore vegans.

32. I’m constantly finding ways to become a better mother and wife.

33. I’m very proud of my kids. Very.

34. I’m obsessed with scented candles from the Bath and Body works and my current favourite got to be Pumpkin Cupcake and Marshmallow Flipside (: 

35. Brushing my teeth is as good as drinking a cup of caffeine if I’m feeling tired.

36. My make up essentials : Concealer, Powder, Eyeliner, Blusher and lipbalm.

37.  I dream to have a mini coffee pantry in my own kitchen. 

38. I admit, I owe my life to auto correct. I’m sucks at spelling.

39.  I love changes. It keep me going.

40. I’m rubbish at arguments, I just get aggressive. 

41. I’d love to be more ambitious.

42. I owe everything to my parents but I don’t revere them as I should.

43. I don’t drink milk. 

44. A nice bag is worth spending (lots of) money on.  Shoes?  Not so much.

45. I teach myself a lot of things off Youtube.

46. I have morning sinus, and it’s no fun esp with the morning rush.

47. I make bucket list of almost everything. Anything!

48. Am a clumsy wife, proud mommy of two, bestfriend to my mom and still a daddy’s girl.

49. I arrange my clothes according to colors and sizes (for the kids).

50. I struggle to commit 90 minutes or more to watching a film. But usually enjoy myself when I do.

The end. (Finally!)

WhatsUpMonday : Random Faqs Tag

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