Weekly Schedule!

U read the subject right. I’m putting myself in a weekly schedule for the blog. I’m not pushing myself to write.. It’s just that little OCD side of me that just love routine. Routine – me. It fits nicely in a sentence.


Let’s’ beat the Monday blues with What’s up Monday! I will share with all my weekend. I’m not sure how this will be but hopefully will have something new and exciting for each entry. We’ll see how it goes.


Wednesday will be prefect for me to give updates on my kids – and anything kids or family related. My life is made up of three things – family, love and laughter. And my kids are my everything. I’ll be sharing a whole load about them so make way peeps!


And on Freeeday, I mean Friday I’ll be using this space to spill my review on everything n anything. From body lotion to that box of Cheeros, from my fav lipstain to that Melissa – it’s gonna be practically free to talk about anything everything. And that’s why it’s called Ol’good Freeeday!

So many things in small little space.
All opinions are mine. And just mine.

U ready?

Weekly Schedule!

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