After a dozen days..

It’s been crazily long since my last post and yes, I’m that busy. Very much so that I forgot the date and day of the week sometimes. Eiks!

Anyway, quick update on everything! ((: Emakhood, by far, has been very exciting for me. I have to admit the late night feedings and splitting myself to two are driving me crazy at times but nothing beats the strong feeling of being needed.


My dear princess Qeisya Qaisara is one healthy baby, alhamdulilah. It was alittle difficult for her adapting to the surrounding initially but she’s coping well as the counting days. She sleeps more comfortably at night after we removed her from her cot to join us in bed as hubsy figured out she prolly hates her sleeping pan. We been jumping from one brand to another and finally settled with Enfalac Infant Formula Stage 1. Please don’t judge me here. I do breastfeed her once or twice a day to keep the flow thou I’m having trouble expressing. Been trying to seek around for advice but there’s pretty much nothing. As much I find it much more convenient to bottle feed my girl, I would love to breastfeed her exclusively. After all, that makes one special (: To breast feeding mommies out there, I envy you.


Move on to Eqmal, Little Man is doing fine in his new school. Alhamdulilah (: we been receiving both positive and negative feedbacks from Teacher Linda but believe it’s perfectly normal
for toddler his age to behave such a way – short attention span, activeness and etc. it’s nice seeing him coming back each day with a proud art piece rather than tears. He used to cry so bad in his previous school that he cried to sleep each time. And that’s never healthy.
Unlike other siblings, eqmal doesn’t bother much about Qeisya. He trying his best to stay out of her way and ignore her presence as much as possible. But even so, he do show some jealousy and that’s perfectly normal too I guess. Sibling rivalry, that’s just too early to judge.

Being a full time mom and housewife for these past two months have been pretty great. I get to spend more time with my family and cater to their needs. So much so it worries me how mom were to cope with everything when I’m back to work 😩 but nvm, it still a way to go. Saving those tots for later days. Hikhokhik.

So what have u been up to lately?

After a dozen days..

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