Day 26 Qeisya Qaisara


No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside.

Alhamdulilah, all praise to Allah SWT.

Qeisya Qaisara was safely delivered to this world this afternoon, 03 Jan 2014 at 12.25pm.


I woke up at 3.30am with a bloody discharge. But at that time, I wasn’t feeling much contraction just as yet. It’s more a normal muscle pull sensation which I’ve been experiencing the past two weeks (aside to lightening and heartburn). So I went straight to mom’s room to tell her and got myself prepared. Mr Hubby was abit tipsy and puzzled when I wake him up to get him ready hahha,usual him 💛
We had something light – cup of milo and bread before making our way down to the hospital.

5am I was put under observation for an hour or so. The doctor said my cervix opened by 4cm, but the contraction I had was mild. And since I’m 4 days overdued, she suggested I had an induced labour by breaking of waterbag by mid day if the cervix didn’t open much.

6.15am I was pushed to the labor room – room 32. It gave me that chilly feeling as soon as I hopped onto that delivery bed knowing that the battle will soon start. The wait was pretty long and I managed to catch some nap in between my contraction. My contraction isn’t that great – I mean it’s bearable and with that laughing gas, I managed to cope it pretty well indeed. No strong contraction just yet and I was worried if my cervix didnt open 😓 I didn’t stop praying from Allah SWT. Like my mom reminded me “Jgn lupa selawat banyak2 Ayu. Kalao sakit, bace Surah AlFatiha – Ayat Kursi – Surah 3 Kul dan doa yang terbaik dari Allah SWT. Mudahan dipercepatkan segala Nya dgn sempurna”
Alhamdulilah it works.

7.30am ZzZzzZ

8.30am ZzZzzZ

9.30am Hubby decided to turn on the TV. Yawnn.

10.30am Waiting.

11am The nurses came to check on me again and yeah, my cervix finally opened! But only to 5cm. I was devastated thinking about how many more hours I need to go through to get to 10cm mark. They put me on dripped. Ouch.


12.10pm Doctor did another check on me and I was 6cm dilated. I guess somehow the dripped works in a way – that’s what I was think. The contractions grew stronger n this time it’s more on the back! Eiks. The doctor broke my water bag using some sort of a sharp end tool (I don’t know what is it!) Ahhh, thats when the real pain starts to kick in.

12.25pm I couldn’t recall much of what happened after that. It happened too fast and according to hubby, I was in unbearable pain.
He quote “Never I seen u in such aggressive mode. Ure like a cheetah ready to bite ur prey”

Cut story short, I recalled having this strong sensation of passing motion. The doctor checked on me. And the next thing I know everyone position themselves and the doctor lead me to make my push. I made one strong push and alhamdulilah Qiesya was out. I was relieved.

Alhamdulilah, I’m lucky enough not to have a very long contraction (: not trying to make the whole process sounds easy, but it is alhamdulilah manageable for me.
I can’t never thank God enough for it.

Day 26 Qeisya Qaisara

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