Day 23 Relection for 2013

As we’re counting down to the year, and me waiting patiently for Ms Qeisya to make her grand entrance it’s also the perfect time to reflect back on how amazing year 2013 has been.

1) March 23rd

I married the man of my dream. It was a simple humble closed affair, something I’ve dreamt of to have. Besides, i always believe it’s not about how much u spent on a wedding – it’s the memories that counts.
To you, I love u so.

2) June 3rd

We knew we got Qeisya. It’s love at first sight.

3) June 17th

We took over the house and it’s officially ours! It’s a drastic move and glad we made it. Afterall, it’s time to be incharge.

5) July 1st

Little man’s day one in school!
Your journey started ((: Do make
me proud son.

To wrap things up, we’re left with Qiesya to come along and complete the family. ❤️

Day 23 Relection for 2013

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