Day 19 Bath and Body Works


My bath and body works candles were finally here! Did I ever tell you how obsessed I am with scent? Be it home fragrance, room mist, purifier, diffusers dahdeedah the list just goes on and now I have my hands on scented candles for the house. Or I can say, my room hikhokhik wee!

So yeah, since I’ve never tried any of the scents, I got two large ones and three small candles. Of cos, I’ve done my research online and gathered top 5 scents with the best reviews so far.

So I got for myself :
1) small red velvet
I’ve yet try burning this cos it smells too yummy to be burned! There’s a hint of vanilla with a mild creamy frosty scent – I’m drooling. urgh, guess it’s just the love I had for red velvet cupcakes.

2) small winter
Cinnamon. Period.

3) small vanilla snowflakes
“Something close to perfection but isn’t quite there yet” – mrs nose.

4) large marshmallow spitfire
It reminds me of my olden days – sitting around the campfire with my other girl guides; eating burned marshmallow on sticks which were not long enough. Memories.

5) large warm vanilla sugar
This is by far the best! It’s sweet, creamy, and surprisingly delicious. Come on, warm vanilla sugar makes it sound burned!

The sizes are off great difference, so are the prices. Speaking of which, I’m not sure how much I got it for in total. On top of that, I did also get for myself the hand washes. Gawd, it smells equally awesome. Currently using the lemon meringue hand foam wash and I got one other lemony, pumpkin spice and warm vanilla waiting in line!

hey, there been rumours that they opening an outlet here in Singapore real soon. April? March?

Dang, I can’t wait!

Day 19 Bath and Body Works

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