Day 9 Colors of Life


Life can be simple, depending on the way in which we view reality. There is no reason to see life as a constant battle for survival. Life does not have to be uncomfortable or boring. Not tiresome or competitive. It does not even have to be cumbersome or challenging. Life is what we make of it.It is a vision of what we believe it to be.

Deep down we have perhaps always understood that life is our own creation. There is a much more simple way of grasping what is around us. The details may not have surfaced as yet, but we are constantly searching for them. We search for a simple answer to life and it is right in front of our faces.

I have gradually come to terms with through a series of process steps of understanding within my own life. I did not just one day think all these ideas up in some sort of vision or dream. Instead I gradually searched and learned, experienced and involved myself in life.I eventually became the answer to my question.What I mean by this is that I grew with every experience in my life and became the answer to my questions. I am now living out my vision of a simple life, and can not now imagine how I lived any other way. The change in my life has been incredible, which is the reason why I felt this information should not just stay in my own mind.I want to share my ideas on how I view reality and came to terms with changing my life to suit a more simple vision.

I came across this idea when the world of realization jumped into my lap. Until that time I had never really lived in what I now see as the real world. I instead lived in what I believed to be the real world. I lived in fairyland where life had to be what I wanted it to be. Did I always get what I wanted? The answer is no.

Day 9 Colors of Life

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