Day 7 Coffee Break


It’s a Sunday, and guess it’s the prefect time for a coffee break.
If we were really chatting over coffee today I would tell you again and again about that new dress I bought for my appleseed ((: I simply can’t resist small baby clothing – especially ones with ruffles, ribbons and flowers on it. Ouh, not forgetting Mr Owl print and Elly. I have no to intention to whine but I can repeat 5 times if you need me to.

I’d also tell you about how Eq has become obsessed (once again!) with Toy Story. He been watching Toy Story ever since he’s 6months old. Well, that’s the only way to get the house chores done! Anyway, after some time he got bored of it and we then moved on to other educational series such as Words World, BabyTV and some nursery rhymes. But now he’s back with his obsession. Even better, he can not only follow the script, he could even dance to the music!
*hit the music pls* And thanks to Baba, Eq got the whole collection of the plush toys to play with ((:
Almost all.

During our chat I’d tell you how obssessed I am with taking and editing pictures with my phone – which the prefect reason for me to change my phone to the new 5s. I shall not fill the space with those featuristic talk about that gadget cos I don’t know that much either. But I believe that baby snaps better and gawd, it’s in Gold.
But wait – iphone 6 coming out real soon?

So tell me, what would you share with me if we were really meeting for coffee?

Day 7 Coffee Break

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