Day 6 Sleepless Night

I’m having another sleepless night – just like the other day. Tonight, I cleaned out the drawers, under bed, and the cupboard last – and may have thrown away items that expired in 2005. Blame the nesting instinct. I gathered the loose pieces of eq’s baby pictures. Dang, how time flies. And found my dear iMac inbwtn the dust. Oh gawd, i haven’t picked up my lappie in such a long time that I feel completely intimidated by the darn thing now. I need to change that. Time to have it fixed. Doctor!

I have been stretching and growing so much this year. It’s been a whole load of a year for me. But alhamdulilah, everything seems to be falling in places nicely.
Met my soul mate.
Settled in a job I kinda enjoyed *for now*
Expecting a baby girl, real soon!
Im deprive of sleeps, often restless and extremely exhausted but in the best way possible.

But, bottom line I feel much cooler than I actually am. I love how a bit of new can do that for you. I caught myself smiling the other day for no apparent reason. Don’t tell anyone, but that was my favorite part of the day.

Okay, enough with all the I’s.

What about you?

What have you been up to lately?

Day 6 Sleepless Night

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