Day 04 Day in life : CheckUp

8am Mr Alarm Clock makes his tribute.
8.10am He sounded again.
8.15am Struggling to get off the bed – wait where’s my boy?
8.20am okay there he is – all groomed by daddy. It’s my turn to get up now ((:

Make bed.
Prepare breakfast.
Get ready.
Have a quick bite.
All dolled up and ready to go!


9.26am We got a cabby. Urgh, 4minutes too early!
9.53am Got our queue number.
10.10am Done with the routine check. So now…. Wait.

10.20am and we continue to wait…
10.30am Wait!

11.05am Alright finally done with the scanning at AMC. Now moving on for the doctor’s appt
11.15am Still waiting.
11.25am Patience ayu.


1.05pm Fast forward the time. ⏩
Just done with the doctor review.
Baby is growing perfectly fine, alhamdulilah. She’s about 37.4weeks now, weighing about 3kg. Mommy’s weight did decreased abit – 83kg but believe that’s normal especially when one hit the third trimester. Placenta is at the right placement – according to doctor, it’s making it’s way dooown.
*baby are u down down down-* Hikhokhik.

Ding Dong Bell.

So next stop, Vivo. 😆

Day 04 Day in life : CheckUp

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