Day 3 VLogs Obsession!

I’m currently obsessed with vlogs! I used to stalk parenting channel such as GabeandJesss’s and britneyandbaby’s. They have very interesting “Day in Life” videos, parenting tips n such. They did also have their daily film and I used to follow closely. But after awhile, I find it quite irrelevant to my daily life as our culture differs. And why am I stalking other people’s life?! *weird* I got bored and I stopped. But once awhile I do pop by their channel to check out anything new and interesting.

Recently bump into this parenting channel – WhatsUpElle. This lady is freakingly funny and she make amazing videos! I’ve yet to check out all of her videos but she definitely got my attention as for now.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten myself drown into beauty channels!

•Bethany Mota•

With more than 4million subscribers, u can not go wrong with this channel. If you need little of everything – beauty, fashion, recipes, DIY, home decor etc – then this is the channel worth following.
Only that she’s young. Very young. So I’m giving the back to school tips amissed.


I love her videos! I describe her videos as different, bright and cheerful (: Just like Bethany, she shares handful tips which are much useful and I’m always looking forward for her routine videos and the monthly favourites. Overall, she’s the best so far.


Her videos isn’t as fancy as the ones I mentioned earlier but her lifestyle interest me. I can relate much to her videos as seems like we do share most of the same interest. ((:
Starbucks. Bags. Teas. Sweaters.
Just to name a few.

So.. Do we share the same obsession?

Day 3 VLogs Obsession!

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