Day 2 kiddos room

It’s complete! Or I can say it’s finally 90% done.

Ikea has been my decor buddy for as long as I can remember. Now equip with apps, it’s so much easier to plan as I go. Haha, not mentioning the zillion shopping list I’ve created over time. Hikhokhik, who doesn’t love ikea? Not only we’re spoiled with choices, it’s definitely affordable compare to the market. Total spend : $700 or more. Gulp.

I stayed up till 2.30am to get the room up. Guess the nesting mood has kick in, but poor hubby he couldn’t stay up any longer than that to accompany me through the night. But heck, I continue my venture this morning and wahlah, here’s the result.

Layan gambar pls!


My Hubsy fixing the wardrobe. Hikhokhik – hardwork there!


The results!


Worth it.


Day 2 kiddos room

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