It starts now!


It’s time I hang the sign — Am officially a stay-home-mom for the next four months!

Uhhooooo! I’ll be starting my maternity leave on 9 December (tomorrow!) up till 16weeks later. Yup, it’s a long way around the calendar. U do the math. ((:
*twekking with tummy* here’s the breakdown :



I know I know — I should save the leave and spend quality time with Qeisya when she’s born blahblahblah gee. I’m pretty much aware of that. But come on, I need a break! 😤 Those sleepless nights and human traffic to work are just driving me nuts!! There’s no exemption for preggies cos people these days surprising seems to be total ignorant of their surrounding! No no, I’m not here to discuss on that. Back to the topic. Hmm, oh yah abt me and my leave. I don’t feel bad for leaving work earlier that I should. Besides, I’m planning to use this time to spend time with eqmal fully before the baby pops out. It’s been awhile he got his mommy’s attention. Love you baby.

Also, with all the time in hand, I will try (my very best) to squeeze some time and furnish this little space with random tots, daily updates and prolly new happening around me. Remind me to get the camera clicking as well.

*finger cross*

So, blogging will starts tomorrow.
I’m excited!


It starts now!

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