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In matter of weeks, my hands will be full with two. Infact, three if u were to include Mr Hubsy in. With that in mind, and the need of a new fresh mommy look, I figured that I will need a wardrobe full of items that are both practical and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice style, do I?

The end year winter seasons are here and in order to get me within my budget, I’m making a list of essentials – another words, some basics I will need to build a stylish and practical wardrobe.

1) White Shirt
Or perhaps a simple shirts.
Keeping it crisp and clean, and definitely avoiding embellishments for maximum versatility. I wouldn’t want to be seen too overcrowded.


2) Ballet flats
Have been my essentials and it’s easy to know why.
Ballet flats are back and they’re back with a vengeance! Flats go great with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses and even shorts. They are feminine and comfortable and make you look put together without being fussy.


3) Black Leggings
For the ultimate in practicality and versatility. It goes very well with my pull overs and mini dress ((:


4) New pair of specs
Perhaps something different than my current. Essential to brightened up and hide those tired eyes.

5) Capri pants
Equally essential for days when I want something really comfy to slip in to.

6) Long skirts
To create that hobo look.

7) A blazer
Classic and chic. For every occasion.

8) Denim Jeans
A favourite for mothers everywhere. I’m going for a dark wash in a straight leg style. That is the most versatile and the most universally flattering.

9) A statement carry-all
As mums, we’re always lugging heaps of stuff around. But just because we need our bags to be practical doesn’t mean they can’t look fab at the same time. I’ve been obsessed with bags and I’m ditching the faded mom bag.


10) Sweaters
The drapey sweater trend is comfortable, flattering, easy to wear and very much on trend right now. It’s an easy way to update a tired wardrobe.

11) Layering Tees and Tanks
With the cardigan trend, it is essential to have a few basic tees and tanks. I figured I can also wear them under a pullover sweater that is a bit too short to add interest and also to help balance out my proportions.
layering tees

12) a loafer
Ageless, sophisticated and classic.

13) Selection of scarves
Perfect for a quick splash of colour and a layer of pattern.

14) Versatile Dress
Every woman needs at least one go-to dress and that is easy to wear.

15) Fun accessories
To top off the cake, I will need accessories. This is where I can have fun and experiment.

Fashionista Momma

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