Hospital Days


I fell sick. And this time, was really really sick that I was send to hospital by mommy ):
Yes, I was admitted to KKH on 06 Nov 2013 due to fever, diarrhoea and vomiting. Basically I was dehydrated. I went to toilet 6times that night when Mom dragged me to hospital at 3am in the morning cos my condition was getting bad to worst (that’s according to her!) haha, as org punya diri rase nye mcm still manageable. Hikhokhik.

It was our first time, so mcm ayam masok kampong la! We went to the 24hrs clinic placed at level 01 but they refer us to the delivery suite cos that clinic is for preggies less than 22weeks. Hmm, now that I know. Nyehnyeh. So we proceed on to level 02.

It’s 3am in the morning, so imagine how spooky it is! Even the nurses looks pretty scary to me with those glaring red eyes trying hard to stay open at the wee hours. Hahhaa, okay okay to cut story short – the doctor retained me and put me on dripped. It was sucks and thank god my hand got all swell up and they have to remove the needle. Yeah!

Alhamdulilah, by mid-day my fever begin to subside n I’m able to swallow some food. Some. Not hospital food, definitely.

Alhamdulilah I’m slowly recovering now. Thou I’m still struggling to finish up a plate of rice and have a hard time deciding what to eat (I don’t know where the appetite gone too, sadly) I’m dragging myself to the kitchen each time to get something to eat. Cos for sure, I don’t want to be ended up in hospital again!


Hospital Days

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