BabyBumps : 32 weeks update

How far along? 32 weeks – officially 8 months pregnant! Did some calculation with mom the other day and we were quite surprise that the whole pregnancy cycle takes abt 40weeks – which is equivalent to 10months. Nyehnyeh, all the while we tot it’s only 9months long. Ceep!
Total weight gain/measurements:
Waist – , Tummy –
Maternity clothes: Nothing new, and I’m always thankful to have mom’s wardrobe as back up. Infact I’ve been wearing much of her clothings these days. Something strange just slap me – I’m into dressing up and looking good. And I mean, really good. There was once I have this strong temptation to grab a mascara n to swipe eyeshadows on my eyelids. But nah, that’s just too much for a normal day to work.
Stretch marks: Around my tummy mostly. I don’t see any new ones at my thigh just yet however I won’t be surprise if it choose to pop out anytime soon.
Sleep: Awful!! This dreaded “Third Trimester Insomnia” is killer! 😦 I actually ended up changing sides of the bed for more than 3 times each night. And find myself fully awake and fresh at 3am in the morning…! Nevertheless to say – it was rather uncomfortable! I feel like I have sonar hearing or something because every little sound bothers me, plus I’m taking care of Little Man at night. His night routine seems to get better but of cos, there will be nights he choose to be a little difficult.
Best moment this week: Eqmal’s new bed is here!
Miss anything? Well I missed being able to walk normally. Having much trouble these past few days.
Movement: Lots of big kicks and squirms…so much so that sometimes I feel myself being lifted off the bed if I’m lying on my side, ha ha! But I enjoy every kicks. That shows my baby is strong n healthy inside. Muaks.
Food cravings: Churros! And red velvet cupcakes, ouh also that banana crumble sizzle pan from Swensen! Err, is that all so far?
Anything making you queasy or sick? Instant noodle. I nearly pulk when I had it this morning.
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Heartburn was absolutely insane this week…this little girl better come out with lots of hair! There’s this old saying that if a mother experience some kind of heartburn the baby will be born with much hair. Ha ha ha! I don’t know how true is that but I guess scientifically it’s due to the growth of the baby n the space in the tummy. Ouh anyway I can see that my immune system is very low as I’m fond to get cold n flu pretty much easily. I also find I can’t lift heavy things easily anymore or bend down to pick stuff up…otherwise I get very out of breath!
Belly button in or out? Still definitely an innie… But I can sense it ll be an outtie soon!
Wedding rings on or off? On! Though I often have trouble removing it at night.
Happy or moody most of the time: Much happier these days. Haha, hubby is thankful of my mood now than before. Blame the hormones (:
Looking forward to : Decorating eqmal’s room! Now that we have a new bed for him, it’s time to start revamping his room ((:

BabyBumps : 32 weeks update

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