LuthEqmal turns 30months!


Been wanting to do this and I am finally getting around to writing Eqmal’s 30th month update! This will probably be it until about 36 months, as my initial goal was just to document his toddler year. But I will probably update again when turn 3, as I’m sure lots will have changed by then!

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Height/Weight: Eqmal weight about 17kg (from when he was weighed at the doctor clinic last month) and is between 95 cm and 100 in height. It’s quite difficult to get him to stand still so I’m estimating that he is maybe close to a meter high or more. Oh and hes only 30months old.

Routine: His daily routine has drastically change much from last couple of months eversince he enter playgroup 4 months ago. His class is from 11.15pm till 1.15pm – so it pretty much affect his nap time which was usually at 11.30pm to 12. Eqmal is a early riser, and he tend to get grizzly in the late afternoon after school :-/

Sleeping: As mentioned above, his nap time routine gets alittle disrupted but Eqmal still takes about 3 to 4hours of nap during the day. Bedtime is between 9pm to 10 and usually he’ll wakes up every two hours for milk. I’m trying to cut on that. With Qeisya coming along, mommy can go insane having to wake up and feed the two babies at two odd timing :-/

Eating: Eqmal is the pickiest eater i ever came across in my life! He would try nothing and love nothing other than the usuals. But with the new eating routine (where we bring him to sit with us in the dining table for every meal) somehow encourage him to give a certain food a try. But that wont guarantee he’ll love it. The other night, we got pretty excited when eqmal had his first taste of the red syrup drink and he ended up with diarrhea for three days after that. Crazy enough.
As a mother, of cos i want my child to be getting the sufficient nutrients and vitamins for his growth. Therefore we changed his milk powder and now hes feeding on S26 Gold for Picky Eater. Alhamdulilah, he seems to love it and the transition from GainIQ to S26 doesnt affect him much.
He eats lightly fried prata for breakfast (and due to the amount of calories in each slices of prata, we have it fried with canola oil and have the pan lightly grease) and prolly a toast. Lunch will be either be cup noodle or toast and same goes for dinner. We didnt have much choice to play around with cos his favorites are just prata, toast n noodle. Snacks – he loves pringles, chips n corntos as for now but we avoid giving him that unless we’re outside or prolly as a treat.

Sizes: Eqmal is wearing 3-4year old clothing and size XL nappies. We’re still using Huggies Pull Up and normal dry and we have always been happy with those! His feet grown so much, I lost count. He can no longer fit size 8, so the next time shoe shopping I should be hunting for size 9 or prolly 10.

Milestones : We try to cut down on his television,plus im not a huge fan of the TV myself. Every morning, instead of having breakfast infront of the TV, we ll have him at the dining table with us. Same goes for other meals. And that somehow create a healthy routine for him! That gives him a chance to interact better with us and get to observe whatever we’re enjoying on the table. But well of cos, he wont try it. Anw, he is articulating his words a lot better and also has his own little ways of saying things! For example, ‘Circ’ is for circle. ‘Quar’ stands for square. He got this weird pronunciation for triangle which hubby called it as Washing Machine Language. He learning to observe the things around him and to blurt out the colors he sees such as red, black etc. The other morning he was talking to himself in bed and I then only figure out he is naming the vehicles such as train, firetruck, police car etc. Maths – just like mummy, he loves to count and is able to count from 1 – 20, even backwards n multiples of two! He knows his ABC and phonics pretty well (im proud of that) and recently now i heard him singing ABC in his own tune. Adorable. I’m not expecting much from him. Im blessed with whatever he’s capable of and theres nothing better than to see him enjoying his childhood.

Also, he has this new obsession with bubbles! Once you start, u cant stop or he’ll get very upset. So as much as he loves it, we try to find the right time. Cos blowing bubbles will take ages to satisfy him.

And not to mention – Pororo! Its like an overnight obsession of his. He will jump, scream and even kissed the iPad when we flashed Pororo on the screen. So, no more toy story. Pororo wins his heart this time.

thats pretty much is. Its abit lengthy as this is my first update on Eqmal. Believe the subsequent ones will be pretty brief =)

till den, ayumiemarshies.

LuthEqmal turns 30months!

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