hari raya korban.


This year hari raya haji is alittle special cos little man n daddy-0 did their korban ((: alhamdulilah, everything went on pretty smoothly ~ except that long wait. And I mean, really long.

We stayed over at Cik Tipah place the night before Hari Raya Haji so that we don’t have to go thrue the hectic holiday jammed at causeway link. Oh by the way, the korban took place somewhere in JB – am not sure where is it! But it’s somewhere quite ulu… Kampungan… I don’t know.

We waited for almost 7hours before our turn come next. And I thank god thrue out that long wait, little man was behaving pretty well. He did get cranky alittle cos he’s tired but after he got his bottle of milk, he fell asleep and yah I was left in dessert peace. We were provider food, drinks n sat under this hugggeeee tentage.

So okay la, overall we didn’t suffer much. Hahhaa, importantly our niat was fulfilled. Moga segala amalan kita diberkahi Allah SWT.


*sorry my hands were full so not much pictures taken*

hari raya korban.

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