Baby “Essentials” I’m Living Without

On top of preparing myself for parenthood mentally, spiritually, and physically, there’s the matter of all that baby stuff. Cribs, car seats, strollers, et cetera. There is just so dang much stuff involved in having a baby!

Or is there?

No Im not complaining.
It can be somehow overwhelming but I’m loving it. Honest.

To start off, I’ve come across a number of lists of “essential baby items for the first year” online — some useful, some decidedly NOT. I thought about doing one of my own lists of baby needs. That way it can suits my family and pocket better. But I realized that the one useful thing I haven’t come across is a list of things you don’t need.

So here you go…

The Trouble With Baby Stuff

Just so you understand: I have a guiding question when it comes to buying stuff for my baby : what can I get away with not owning?
See, you have to understand something about me before I begin: I LOVE BABY GADGETS. Love it, love it, love it. Strollers, bottles, soothers, Exersaucers, Jumperoos . . . I just love the very sight of it. I have no problem with 8hours of online searching and 24hours fun fill tots of filling my house with all that primary-coloured plastic. I’m all ready for it, yeah!
Having said that, the list I came out with are obviously after months of consideration and after going through different stages of reasoning. Well, of cos – like any other mothers I want to save as much as possible in order to provide my family with their other wants and needs. Ehem, where was I?

Baby “Essentials” I’m Living Without


Item: Crib (along with crib bedding, bumper pads, etc)
Alternative: Playpen

Why splurge hundreds on something which can also last for…say 5months? Provided the crib is durable and high enough then probably it will last up to a year or so. Cos once the baby learn to bring herself up, we will need a playpen to make room for her to sleep and play. So why dont we just get what we need – Playpen! Reasonable enough? Well at least for me.

Item: Baby Monitor
Alternative: Proximity

Do we need one? Definite answer – No. We’ll just always have our baby near us. Simple as that. Plus how far can we’ll be apart of each other in a typical 4-room HDB; it isnt that very spacious. And since we decides to cozily squeeze everyone in one bedroom, everyone will be an eye distant away. Easy peasy.


Item: Bottles
Alternative: Boob
I’ve plan to go with full breastfeeding and so it’s totally possible to go without bottles. But we will be getting a bottle for emergency use. Just incase theres a boob blunder. Meh. One would definitely have sufficed.

Pls boobies, me counting on you.

Item: Baby food/baby cereal
Alternative: Regular food

Since babies don’t need (indeed, shouldn’t be given) solids until they’re at least six months old, it’s actually quite easy to just skip purees altogether. At that age, they can start putting food into their mouths by themselves and chewing on it with their gums/teeth.
Having said that, we shall practice baby-led weaning (woooo! whats that?) which just means that when the baby is about 6 months old or so, we’ll start sharing our food with her. We just put little bits of it – cheese, meat, veggies, whatever – on her high chair table and let her munch on it as she please.
We dont need any special recipes, no jars, no pureeing, no spoon-feeding.
It goes without saying, then, that I also don’t need special equipment for pureeing or storing baby food.

Item: Baby utensils
Alternative: Baby’s own hands

Having said that, there’s no need for special baby utensils. Baby can feed herself, right off of her high chair tray. My turning three-year-old boy has been using his hands for everything and its adorable to see those days when he uses his fat fingers trying to catch hold of any food on the table.
Awww, why do time went past so fast?!
But of cos when the time comes, we’ll get a set of utensils for her to build up on her motor skills. For the meantime, meh.

Item: Sippy Cups
Alternative: Regular adult cups, drinking straws

I’m pretty sure sippy cups come in handy, and we’ll probably get one yet, but so far we don’t use one thou we own a dozen of different kinds at home.
From what i observe, Eqmal never fancy sippy cups. He drinks water out of an adult glass (with help), or through a straw. But of cos, every kid is different. So yah, guess we probably get one only if she needs it – for whatever reason.


Row of pacifiers
Item: Soothers/Pacifiers
Alternative: Boob

Blech. I hate the sight of plastic in a baby’s mouth. But maybe that’s just me. I grew up with that plastic thing on my mouth all the time! And it’s not a pretty sight.
I avoided putting anything in Eqmal’s mouth for the first month to ensure he build a proper milk routine. But as he was in his third month, I bought an all-rubber soother. Well, I needed it. All babies need soothers, right? Eqmal needs it cos he’s milking routine has gone way out of hand. Worried he might not be able to digest his large intake, mom suggest we get him a soother. But it doesn’t last long. He never got the hang of it and I find soothers a pain in the butt because they’re always dropping onto the floor and needing to be cleaned.
Interestingly, boobs don’t have that problem.

Item: Big ol’ Baby Swing
Alternative: Your arms, a sling/carrier, a baby bouncer

Again, some people claim baby swings are godsends. I never owned one and didn’t notice the absence.
Eqmal grew up in his bouncer, and I am planning to wear the baby a lot in a Moby Wrap and in a ring sling as she grows. But a bouncer is Mommy’s great help – especially to relax those arm muscles alittle while =)

Item: Baby toys
Alternatives: Anything in the house that’s safe for baby to handle

Eqmal has been given several baby toys in his 6 months on earth. He has liked all of them . . . for about a week. I find it is just not worth it to spend your hard-earned money on plastic that will just clutter up your house.
Some of Eqmal’s enduring favourites include: plastic bottles, his little hairbrush, a medicine dropper, and a wet cloth to suck on. On special occasions, I put the tub of Tupperware lids on the floor and let him go to town.

So, anything else that I missed?

Baby “Essentials” I’m Living Without

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