perfection of a mother

snf69gI think it’s fair to say that each one of us enters motherhood with a set of beliefs or expectations about what it means to be a good mother. We develop these beliefs from the pressure of our communities and society as a whole, the experiences with our own parents, and through the expectations of friends, family and media. These outside influences can have so much power and influence over us that when we finally do become mothers ourselves, it is unbearably difficult to listen to our own ideas of what this “good mom” thing is all about.

So difficult, in fact, that anxiety, depression, and overwhelming emotion can latch on like crazy to our new identity.
Having said that, i’ve made a list of my expectations as a mother.

1) Teach my children how to live life to the fullest
2) Always always always be there for the children when they need me
3) Teach the kids the importance of self-worth
4) Provide food, shelter, and love
5) Be a good example to the children
6) Make time to have fun with the kids
7) Allow room for the children to make mistakes and learn from them
8) Teach the children how to love unconditionally

It’s only eight pointers so far in my list.
But guess its better than none.


perfection of a mother

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