something has to start somewhere

I know I’m supposed to be feeding my kids and family with home-cooked meals made from organic vegetables (its in every new-mother manual i came across).

Here’s the thing: I hate love cooking.

But as much as i love browsing through the cook book and cooking vlogs, I’m actually truly, truly grateful that I can buy things like prepared chicken teriyaki at my local groceries mart. I love that almost all meals come packed in a box and u can never go wrong with the fine line manuals at the back of the pack. And I’m very thankful that I married a man who doesn’t mind if Im not in kitchen most of the time.

In this day and age, surely it must be acceptable for a woman, even a mother, to be a non-cook. Maybe. But the truth is, I’d like to be a cook. Food is social; it’s one way we come together and share friendship and community. I’d like to be able to provide my friends and family members with delicious home-cooked meals. That all sounds good. The only problem is that to do so, I’d have to cook. And who prolly eats it?

Jotting down my new resolution, I’m cooking for the family. Or for a start, perhaps for my kids. I want to be that mommy who love to cook. And see it as a creative outlet. Perhaps, looking at it as relaxing. I don’t find cooking relaxing. I find it stressful. And then there are all those dishes afterwards! Blurgh. Positive mind straight, I will make food that my kids will enjoy. How bad can it be uh?


something has to start somewhere

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