Life before and after kids.

I enjoy thinking — im a pretty deep person if u can say. Soon that I have two in hand, i wonder how handful can it be.

Before Kids : I spend my time engaged intellectually stimulating conversations with my colleagues.

After Kids : Conversation? Will spend my time trying to persuade my child to stop picking his nose in the public.

Before Kids : I slip my phone and cards into my handbag on my way to the mall.

After kids : I stuff diapers, wipes, animal crackers, Band-Aids, milk powder and enough supply of entertainment in my diaper bag on my way out to the nearest mall.

Before kids : I save money to treat myself to a Kate Spade handbag.

After kids : I save money to treat my son to a Toy Story doll.

Before kids : I dine on low-calorie, low fat lunches at trendy restaurants.

After kids : I wolf down someone’s leftover pizza and cakes at the counter top.

Before kids : I can easily finish a great book.

After kids : I barely able to finish a simple thought.

Life change, but its definately more worthwhile.

Life before and after kids.

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