Pregnant @ 16 weeks

I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and I’m experiencing mixed symptoms which makes it difficult to predict the gender of the baby.

1) I’ve been craving for bird nest drink the past few weeks. I finally got mine – from a can and it taste awesome. And not to mention my cravings for sweetness treats! I was never a sweet tooth, and I don’t really fancy chocolate before this. But lately it’s a must to have some sugar in my daily intake.
Must Must Must!

2) So far it has been good for me (:
No morning sickness.
No heartburn. Yet.
No nausea feeling.

Great appetite.
Great fasting days.
Great night sleep.

3) I’m getting alittle impatient these few days. And my tolerance level is very low. Very. I snapped at the simplest thing, and forget abt it the next moment. Many say its not healthy for the baby – blahblahblahblah. But those tots only come after I react upon a situation. Huh, Kinda too late to regret by then. I don’t have short temper, I just have quicker reaction to nonsense.

My next check up will be onĀ 20 August 2013. Can’t wait to see my baby ~ till den, muaks!


Pregnant @ 16 weeks