the house

For the past three months, I’ve talked about almost everything – my boys (Eqmal and Farhan), my family, my pregnancy, and basically the ranting of my daily life. So guess this will be my first post about my house (:

Yup that’s right. We’ve bought over the unit from Momdad. Simply cos we couldn’t afford to wait much longer for BTO and Farhan love this unit which according to him is accessible and well ventilated. And for a four-room unit, this house is huge – considering the fact that it is a fairly old unit.Hikhokhik. Well anw, we did a major revamp on this place. We sold away the furnitures, painted the whole house, change the doors and window grills, install some ventilation (aircon I meant, hehe), and we shifted room! Yes yes, here I am typing in the master bedroom – which is now my room. It feels awkward at first, and I worried if its not comfortable for Momdad to be squeezing in that small room, which used to be mine. But guess after a while we get used to it and hey, I love my room (:


Here’s eqmal’s room. Or we called it the playroom. We decided to paint the room blue to go along with the toy story theme. As u can see, it has yet set up and we’ll soon put up the bits n pieces. Incase ure wondering, yup eqmal is sleeping inbetween me n hubby.
Don’t mind his legs, he’s the boss (for now!).

IMG_8036 IMG_8038 IMG_8040

This is my room (: it’s pretty empty. And I like it that way. I love the space and l somehow need the space for baby’s cot later. We’ll getting all the baby stuffs by October, so will keep u posted on that. Oh my wall – it’s Grey.

I didn’t get to snap shot momdad’s room cos dad is sleeping at the point I’m writing this blog. But just a brief update, it’s pinky. Cozy. She loves it.


This is my hall for the time being. The furniture will move in sometime next week, and I ll give u a glimpse of it on the next post. The wall is painted brown at one side, and grey at the rest. Farhan got a good deal of that smart tV and he’s pretty happy with it. Except I find that the tv is mounted too high up considering the tv console will be pretty low. Hmm, nvm we ll see how it is when the day comes.

More updates on the house!

Till den,

the house